About Us

We’re Joel and Brock, ranked in that order according to dick size.

We created More Than Muscle to provide the highest quality, best value products and information on classic bodybuilding to like minded training enthusiasts.

With over two decades of experience between us, we’ve compiled our knowledge and experience on obtaining classic looking physiques.

Following what we believe to be the healthiest approach - free from fads, drugs and supplements in easily digestible ebooks, training programs, diets and authentic vintage attire at affordable prices.


Hey y’all, I purchased your program back around Christmas. I've been following it every day and I’m using it as a basis for leaning out for a competition.

I’ve been on it for 5-6 weeks now and I’ve leaned out a lot so I thought I’d send a progress photo. Most of the people you repost seem to be using it to gain weight but the clean eating habits work excellent for losing fat.

This plan helped add muscle while staying relatively lean. Very happy with the results!

Kurt, NSW Australia


I was training to add size before joining the army. The ebooks plus meal plan made it so much easier to understand how to achieve my goal.

Mitch, NSW Australia

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Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work!

We’re not preaching short cuts for your desire to transform your physique.

We’re preaching the most effective answer.

The information we provide is proven to work, tried and tested, by us, the guinea pig (Brock) and Joel.

With hard work and applied consistency, we guarantee our information to help you create a better sculpted physique, a better quality lifestyle and more improved, healthier you.